Nicolas Gonzalez

My approach to health and fitness is open and has transformed after the years. I had experienced the conventional approach to health owning a degree in dentistry. The perspective that sports and physical practices bring, being a practitioner and coach for years. And also the psychological side of things, having studied neuro-linguistic programming and belief change techniques.   

Due to pedagogical purposes, science has divided the body and mind into smaller parts and systems. That is useful to learn names and specific functions but can be a big obstacle for a broader understanding of who we are or how we function as complete human beings.

As Bruce Lee, one of the most proficient and  influential movers of all times said: "Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all of the heavenly glory!"  Every reps, minutes, weight lifted, movements performed, and breaths taken are tools. If we want to experience deeper levels of freedom with our bodies movement only isn't enough. 

My goal with the classes is to support you in broadening your understanding of what this total connection is and how you can apply the lessons learned in your mindful movement practice into daily life. I will hand you some of the most powerful tools I’ve had found in my own journey. Breathing technics and simple daily practices helping you start or continue your journey. I will be supporting you along the way.

Every single body is different and that’s great, they move and adapt in different ways. The first step towards freedom is to accept that and then enjoy what is available for you in your flesh and bones TODAY.
In our classes, you will find a place to express yourself and be empowered to move in the ways your body allows you with no pressure of making it look “perfect”…oYour own perfect is perfect!
I will support you with the feedback you need to be safe and improve at your own pace.

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